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Pittsburgh Muay Thai -- Khaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn

 Pittsburgh Muay Thai.

Officially, we are Khaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn to honor our Kru Yai Matee "Kangmongkorn" Jedeepitak. Kangmongkorn translates to Dragon Leg, the nickname given to Matee by a sportswriter after seeing him at Lumpinee. The writer coined the name by combining Matee's kicking prowess with the hallmark Dragon Jars of Ratchaburi (Matee's hometown). Kru Matee instructs at Warrior Way in Detroit, but we have the unique honor of training directly under him for the past 4 years. His elusive, technical counterfighting style requires time to master so we work with him often. The Pittsburgh trainers are Stephen Strotmeyer and Mark DeLuca, with assistant trainers Ben Case and Marcus Fisher. Stephen and Mark first trained under Kru Sitha Phongphibool at the United States Muay Thai Academy. Kru Ood laid the foundation, while Kru Matee further refined and enhanced it with his mastery.  Continually striving to expand our knowledge base, we have also trained with Krus Bunkerd Faphimai, Saeksan Janjira, Kansak Sor-Pleonchit, Ponsan Ek-Yotin, and Rigel Balsmico stateside. All of our trainers have trained and fought in Thailand, training at Sanchai Sor Kingstar's Camp, Jitti Gym, Sasiprapa, Sor Vorapin and Fairtex Bangplee. In fact, we are Pittsburgh's only muayThai camp to produce professional fighters, and are clearly the most experienced team both in and out of the ring.

Our general class structure consists of warming up with jumping rope and  shadowboxing, then progressing into padwork, partner drills, conditioning drills, clinching, bagwork, and finishing with strength exercises. While repetition is important to develop proper technique, we provide variability over the week in order to prevent monotony. We may emphasize padwork one day, clinching the next and partner drills and sparring the next.

If you can reach our standard to be a fighter, we will develop and promote you. It is up to you how far you really want to take your muayThai experience!

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